Wednesday, November 4, 2020

1968 - Memories?

In 1968, while a senior at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, I travelled to New Hampshire to campaign for Eugene McCarthy in that state's Democratic Primary. McCarthy was an anti-Vietnam War candidate and had captured the attention of those of us in "the movement." 

To my great surprise, I have just come across a mention of my being there. (My name was Diane Weinberg back then. I took Daffner when I married Richard, and changed to Diana at that time!) 

I don't remember this specific incident, although it has started to tickle the edge of my memories. What I DO remember is going door-to-door in very cold New Hampshire weather. (In this recent election, 2020, I campaigned by phone from home. More comfortable but fewer interactions.)

The article, written by J. Hayden Lynford, was about the Democratic Convention, and was published in 1968. In this excerpt, the author is writing about Theodore White and recalling his being at the New Hampshire primary earlier that year.

The recent release on Netflix of Alan Sorkin's film, the Trial of the Chicago 7, has gotten me thinking about those times. I plan to also watch (haven't yet) an earlier film about that trial, probably less slick but even more accurate, the docudrama Conspiracy: The Trial of the Chicago 8 by Jeremy Kagan.

I also recently enjoyed watching The Boys Who Said NO!, a film about the Vietnam war and the draft resistance. I knew several of them. 

For info about the Democratic Party Primaries in 1968, see Wikipedia

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Three More!!

 BIG BIG News. Richard & I are taking a break from leading workshops. There will be only THREE MORE Intimacy Retreats (on Zoom). We're also preparing a video program so couples can create their own private retreat, with our program, in their home or a resort location. Exciting times! See

Monday, April 27, 2020

Virtual Retreats!!!

What an exciting development to occur during this crazy pandemic time..  Richard and I are leading our Intimacy Retreats via an online platform (currently Zoom). It's been awesome. Couples can attend who wouldn't have been able to travel to whatever destination we usually teach in. I'm loving it! and so are they.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020


I've been writing poetry lately. Little snippets. Here goes...

So quickly moving,
Faltering at times.
Still, piling up and
Slipping by.
Your love
a thread throughout. 
A gentle lightening, emerges
from the darkness.
A new day being birthed.
All is possible.
Everything starts over.
Once again.

Brief glimpses into my soul.
Short riffs. Interludes.
Each, only a moment.
All we ever have is one moment.
And then the next.
My life.

Tide waters rushing
in to our little canal.
Twice daily, in and out again.
A metaphor for breath?
The Universal 2-beat?
A watery dance of Yin and Yang. Ever changing.
No resistance.

Some days
Like this one
move slowly, little wind
except outside among the trees.
Here, within me, is stillness. 
No need to rush or do.
Time to go to the gym!

Must we?
Be serious. 
A metaphor, another word for 
"What is."
Not so serious, just what is.
Embracing this moment in its full
Can be joyful!
And yet present to the current reality.
Calmly, with heart-centered awareness.
With joy. 

The water in the canal is still, 
appears to not be moving..
Yet it must be. 
And there is life within it too.
When I am still, I am also alive!

Water slow moving this morning, allowing its natural flow..
Can I move slowly today?
Being mindful and aware of all who will surround me?
Turning easily toward one,
then another,
Appropriately embracing
with loving attention..

She waits, hopefully.
Imagining his return 
To their bed of love. 

So many things to do..
Could be doing..
Remembering to pause!
Forgetting to do.

Slow day. Pleasant.
Almost comfortable.
No matter, not even any real substance.
Empty space, awaiting inspiration.
Then, this.