Saturday, November 4, 2023

I Am Here - written 10/12/2023

Written after the 10/7/23 Hamas attack on Israel, and before Israel's response in Gaza.

I Am Here  

I am here.
In Hebrew, "Hineni."
This is what Moses said, when God called to him from a burning bush.

I am here. Hineni.
My heart, my body, my soul 
are here, present, focusing  attention
on the sacredness of this present moment.

I. Am. Here. Grounded in the center of my being.

And yet, I am not here.
I am 6,000 miles away.
I am in Israel, I am in Gaza.

I am in the hearts of those who have lost loved ones in heinous ways.
I am in the hearts of those who fear they will soon lose loved ones.

I wish.
I wish I could enter the hearts
of those who hate and kill.
I wish I could open their hearts 
to my Presence. 
To the Presence of All Life.

I am there, joining hearts with those who continue to reach for Peace in the midst of so much anger and righteousness, generations of anger and righteousness.

Hearts hardened in a history of wronging and being wronged. Hearts hardened as they perpetuate more wrong-doing.

Hineni. I am there.

The world teeters, unsure of finding balance in the madness of religion and the might of power.

Hineni. I am Here.

I am here
with Mahatma Ghandi
whose plea to embrace religious tolerance even India has forgotten.

I am there
6,000 miles away
where families pray and so-called leaders and zealots prey upon each other.

I am here.
My heart beats with yours,
whether you feel it or not.

Even if yours has been hardened.

I wish 
I could wave a heart flag
and end all war.

I am here, with my own, still living breath.

I am here. I grieve with you as the breath of your loved ones expire.

Hineni. I surrender to inner peace even as horror surrounds me. 
Even as helplessness threatens to suffocate me.