Friday, December 2, 2011


I just discovered that within the word spiritual is the word RITUAL. Why didn't I ever see that before? "Ritual" is on my mind today because I received a newsletter from Sarasota writer & collage artist, Linda Maree, in which she explained the difference between ritual and habit. Of course, I immediately resonated with that. After all, what transforms sexual activity into "sacred sexuality" is the ritualized attention that is brought to it.

It was only when I began to write my own thoughts on this subject that I noticed how ritual is at the heart and core of spiRITUALality. Often the word spiritual is tied to "breath" as it relates to the Latin word spirare, to breathe. (Of course we are all breathing all the time, or at least most of the time, so that's proof that we're all quite spiritual beings. You don't need a specific training or religious path to be considered spiritual!)

Seeing "ritual" in spirituality confirms for me what I have always known, practiced and continue to teach. Ritual is perhaps another word for mindfulness. As Linda wrote in her newsletter, mindful attention is what transforms a habit into a ritual. What my husband Richard and I share each day in our Peaceful Passion ritual is indeed mindful - and also very body-full! That's the beauty of Tantric Sexuality - we get to share with our most precious partner not only our body but also our soul. Not only our soul but also our body. What could be better for a married couple than to honor our love and our relationship with a daily ritual that awakens our hearts and celebrates our bond?

If ever you have wondered how sex & spirituality might be connected, remember that ritual is the key. It's a key that opens the door to joyful laughter and orgasmic glee. Yes, what could be better??