Monday, March 17, 2014

Making Music, Making Love!

Last week I had the most AMAZING experience!  I have played flute for many years. An interesting story about my very first flute-playing experience can be found here. I also can play other instruments, like guitar, in a minimal way. Harmonica? No way. "I can't play harmonica" was a thought I have carried since, well, probably since some long ago time when I tried and didn't like the sounds I made.

Last week, I played flute with a harmonica player, a friend. We jammed, it was improvisational, it was lovely.

Later in the evening, as he was off talking with Richard, I picked up the harmonica he had left sitting on a chair. Something made me do it - I didn't even think to ask him if it was ok! The next thing I knew, I was experimentally making sounds, and I liked it. Soon my friend returned, took another harmonica out of his bag, and began playing with me.

We jammed, we rocked, we soared, we wove magical moments of melody. We made love with our music. All those who heard us were shocked to find out it was the first time I had ever played a harmonica.

So, don't always believe your thoughts!