Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Love with a Capital 'L': Recognizing the Divine Through Another

Great article. In my own writing, I often refer to "Love with a capital L" - although my publisher refused to use the capital L in our book because he couldn't justify it grammatically! Whether or not we connect such an experience with the divine, and however we interpret that, doesn't matter. What matters is the experience itself. To share such moments with our significant other is to enter into the delicious heart of a relationship. When all else falls away but our intimate connection with our partner, something arises that we can surely call Love - with a capital L! ~ Diana Daffner
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Why Your "Good Enough" Marriage Is Good for Your Kids

Diana Daffner commented on this article:
During the "Falling in Love" stage of a relationship, we probably experience more unconditional and non-judgmental love than at any other time of our lives. Of course, if we let ourselves be blindsided by our feelings of love, we might miss some conditions and necessary assessments that would help us make a better mate selection. However, if we've chosen reasonably well, and we're relatively comfortable in our relationship, then bringing back some of that unconditional love can add a whole new dimension to our happiness. Love is not a feeling that comes and goes, it's a very real experience of what is. And while, yes, there are many aspects to intimacy, a couple who can tap into the kind of love that drew them together in the first place is a happy couple indeed. And the happier the marriage, the better for the kids, the community and the world.
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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Marriage Renewal: From This Day Forward

Richard and I just celebrated our 25 years of marriage with an amazing renewal ceremony at the EcoTulum resort on Tulum Beach, in Mexico. This is the romantic location of our winter Intimacy Retreats, on the Riviera Maya, along the Yucatan coast of the Caribbean Sea.

Since I myself perform both weddings and vow renewals, this experience has given me more insight into the power of such ritual. I feel that new life has been breathed into our relationship. Rather than simply moving forward in our marriage from this year to the next, we have taken the time to consciously choose each other again. We began our new vows, "From this day forward..."