Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mid-October Already?

The days and months keep flying by.. Are they being twittered away? Well, yes, I am getting used to expressing thoughts in 140 characters - often, really, exactly that number! Twitter is fast and fleeting but can develop a certain comforting rhythm. Twitter and commenting on other people's blogs both allow me to engage in my favorite dialog about topics such as intimacy, love, Tantra, and living life in joy, and also provide an opportunity for me to let people know about our book and workshops. It's a win-win activity!

On the schedule this month: a book signing, an Intimacy Retreat for couples, and a Goddess Retreat (for Women only).

At home, new developments due to my mother deciding to leave her partner of the last 7 years and return to live here in the Sarasota area. She is currently at my home, and when she asked me today, how it felt to have an almost-88 year old mother on my hands, I said, I feel lucky! And I do.

Monday, October 5, 2009

What's Happiness Got To Do With It .. Women, Life and Pleasure? Try the Tantric Approach!

Great post, I find it facsinating that in the Tantric system, we celebrate the feminine as the active principle. While there are some similarities with the Chinese yin/yang approach, that's a major difference. Yin is used to describe some of the same feminine attributes, but is considered to be more quiet and receptive in relationship to the activity of yang. It is when we women most fully relax into our yin nature, that the Shakti energy comes alive in us. In the yin/yang circle, that is evidenced by the white, yang dot on the dark yin side of the symbol. Shakti arising out of the depths of yin.(Nothing can be totally yin or totally yang; each eventually turns into the other.)

Shiva awaits that emergence of Shakti, he is enegized by it. And so wholeness - and indeed, happiness - comes to both. (And yes, none of this is truly gender-based, which makes Tantra such a deliciously flexible experience.)

Diana Daffner, author of Tantric Sex for Busy Couples
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