Sunday, March 6, 2022

Words Arising, Reaching Out

from within,
seeking release,
reaching out,
poem 3/2022. art 4/2021. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Remembering Aunt Addie

Remembering my aunt who passed on six years ago today. This was my eulogy for her.


I can't believe she's gone. My Aunt Addie was the most vibrant, alive​​ woman.​ She was always there.​ ​The best of aunts. ​She was ​​family.. MY family..  we were so close... She would tell me stories of my childhood that I had no memory of. But I always remembered the feeling of closeness.​ She was always there.​

And I do have many memories of our times together... One in particular stands out. When I was in my 30s, she was in her 40s and my mom was in her 50s, we took a trip together. The 3 of us.​ ​We roamed through Northern California to Nevada..  Away from Albany and their husbands, my mom and Addie let their hair down and revealed their wild side.

What a wonderful time we had. Addie definitely knew how to have a good time.​

People ​have ​often commented that I look like Addie. We both loved that! Sometimes she felt like an older sister to me. 

O​ther ​memories​ are of Addie at her 80th birthday party, and at my mom's 90th. And being with Addie at Uncle Bill's funeral. . And ​al​so​,​ tragically, at Mason's. I'm so very sorry to not be here today, to stand by my ​Myers ​cousins as they lay their mother to rest.​ Dean, EJay, Michael... thanks for sharing your mom with all of us.​

Addie was to ​come to Florida, ​this month, ​for my mom's ​​94th birthday.​ ​We were all looking forward to that. I can't believe she's gone.

I always had great admiration for my Aunt Addie, for the way she lived her life​,​ ​both as a married woman and, in these last years, on her own.

​Her legacy, the values she leaves behind, include strength - the willingness to do what needs doing...   and curiosity​ - a lifelong interest in learning, educating herself, expanding her knowledge and awareness. Addie knew how to grasp the pleasure in life, even when it's not so obvious. 

What I'd really like to say about Addie, is what I saw on a t-shirt offered for sale online: "My Aunt was freakin cool."  

She will be greatly missed.​

~ Diana

(Read for me by my brother, at Addie’s memorial service.)