Thursday, September 23, 2010

Since you asked..

Well, maybe you didn't ask, but my last post - and our recent newsletter - mentioned that I was participating in an ancient ceremony/ritual without saying what it was. In case you are wondering, I experienced a mikveh (also spelled mikvah) which is a biblical immersion into water. It was a meaningful and powerfully sacred event. Note that although this ritual is most often associated with orthodox Jews, one does not need to be an orthodox Jew to experience it. (I am not.)

Actually, I created a ceremony that drew on ancient teachings related to chakras, which is from the world of yoga and Tantra. Walking down the seven steps to the mikveh (a pool of water), I connected with, and then released, the attributes of each chakra. It was a personal journey of letting go. I will write more about it at some time...

Thanks for your interest...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Turned on by Abstinence

From our newsletter: In our book, Richard and I share about how we honor our relationship, our love and our spirituality with a daily sexual meditation that we call Peaceful Passion. We have been more or less consistent with this wonderful, juicy connection for quite a few years now. But not today.

Today is different because I have chosen to personally experience an ancient spiritual ritual and have been asked to abstain from physical intimacy for seven days as preparation for this one-time event. Richard agreed - reluctantly, but with appreciation for the power of the ritual. (That’s one of the reasons I love him so much. He sincerely tries to honor my needs and desires in all aspects of our lives. As do I his.)

Since sexuality itself serves as a spiritual process in our relationship, it may seem odd that we agreed to abstain from it. It’s only for one week, how hard could that be?

Well it turns out that it hasn’t been hard at all. In fact, I have loved the ongoing feeling of romantic interest - and yes, even arousal - that I am experiencing whenever I see or think of Richard. While this is somewhat normal for me, I have been noticing an increased level during these days without our sexual connection. Perhaps it's the anticipation of returning to our daily practice that excites me!

Imagine, being turned on by abstinence!