Sunday, December 6, 2009

Writing and Loving

There's been so little time lately to write in this blog, originally intended as a place where I would write from my heart, revealing myself - thus the blog name, Into-Me-See. As a self-employed person, workshop leader and author, most of my writing is oriented toward letting the world know what I do, letting the world know that there is a way to be in love, to be in life, to be in relationship, a way that allows happiness to flow with confidence and regularity.

I love to write, I love the way words take form through my fingers on a keyboard. Even when playing flute, I hear/sense words directing the music, giving it shape and formation. It's not that I have a lot to say. Like certain birds, I imagine, the song I sing sounds the same to me, feels the same to me, even as the words change. It is a song of love and if you were watching me right now, you'd see a glowing smile on my face and laughter beginning to bubble up within me.

Perhaps I'm not saying much of anything, or much about anything, but things aren't what the world needs more of, are they? We do need more love! How blessed I am to be in a relationship where I get to practice love on a daily basis. Although I was thinking first of my darling Richard/husband, as the sentence came to a close I realized that my new blessing is the presence of my mother.

I read today that boomer babies (I'm one) are the first generation to grow old along with their mothers - which gives us the opportunity to finally recognize and appreciate the depth of love in this most challenging bond.

And it truly is a bond, isn't it? Even for those of us who were well-enough loved as children, and I was, the mother/daughter bond can be fraught with tension and unresolved issues. I couldn't wait to leave home at 18; my mom was only 42 then. Now she is almost 88, and I am thrilled that she has just relocated to live near me. I am delighted that I can find time to be with her.