Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tooting my horn!

When I visit Satya Winkelman's studio, she excitedly shows me her newest sculpture. "Isn't it fabulous?" she exclaims. That's not a question she is asking; it's an expression of exuberant delight!

I have learned from Satya from that it is okay to toot your own horn, to let people know how you feel about your own creative endeavor. Earlier tonight I heard myself doing exactly that. I was telling someone about the CD (Lessons in Intimacy) that my husband and I produced to help couples experience a more soulful way of loving. As I began to tell her that we had listened to it ourselves just a couple of nights ago, I heard myself bubbling with enthusiasm. "I loved it, it's really great!" The words just flew out of my mouth. And it felt good to be so appreciative of what I offer to others.

Have you tooted your own horn lately?