Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Newsletter Sent!

Communication with couples who are interested in our Intimacy Retreats is SO important. I just emailed a newsletter to 5,000 people! Wow, that is amazing to me! Of course, I think that most monthly newsletters go out at the beginning of the month.. and here it is mid-April already. Still, getting it done is an accomplishment I'm proud of. (Hope there weren't any typos or bad links.)

And today, my radio interview is featured on The Kathleen Show. There's our photo on the page, along with some very famous people. So today is a good 3rd chakra day. Chakras are psycho/spiritual energy centers in the body, and the 3rd chakra, located along the spine about midriff or solar plexus level, below the diaphragm, allows us to experience healthy self-esteem.

It's good to feel proud as long as we don't become too prideful. My heart chakra is active today too, because when I reach out to those thousands of people, I feel it through my heart. It may only be a momentary connection but if I can inspire others to nurture the love in their own relationship, it opens my heart as well. Love is good medicine for everyone!

With gratitude for all that is,