Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I love "Focusing" - a somewhat formal method of getting in touch with one's inner truth. A "focusing partner" holds a space for you while you verbally, and in a sense-feeling way, deepen your relationship with yourself. A focusing partner provides brief reflections of your journey, neither adding to it or deflecting it away from you. Very powerful! A trained focusing partner is able to provide guidance to assist you along your own path. Later, you hold the space for your partner. In a focusing session today, I felt a release of energy that had somehow been stuck inside me. Thanks to Eugene Gendlin for developing Focusing (www.Focusing.org) and Ann Weiser Cornell for her amazing contributions to this modality (www.FocusingResources.com) and to my friend and colleague in Vancouver, Katarina Halm (www.happybones.wordpress.com) for her skillful wisdom.

Richard, my husband, is not a "focuser" so I created a mini-practice that allows him to support me in a focusing way when I need that. The practice is called All of Me and it's described in my book. (Feel free to contact me for a free handout on this practice.)

Also today I enjoyed being with my mom, discussing how she might like to celebrate her 90th birthday next January. Suggestions, anyone? :-)