Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Holistic Moms

How wonderful to be in the company of mothers. Women who with their whole hearts - along with their bodies and bank accounts - are raising the children of the next generation. This group of moms, in particular, take their mothering quite seriously and gather together at meetings where they not only schmooze with one another but also take time to learn something new that will improve their lives in some way.

Tonight in Sarasota, I was the guest speaker. The topic, of course, was based on my book, Tantric Sex for Busy Couples. No one is busier than moms. Sure enough, that's what I heard from them - how little time, how tired they get, how uninterested they think they are in the type of "intimacy" their husbands want. Not all of course. At least one - really, only one - of the moms reported being quite happy and sexually active with her husband.

I shared with them what I think is important about relationships and gave them a new way to think about intimacy, sexuality and the gift of love. When parents share a soulful presence with one another, even if it's only a few moments a day, their children benefit. So often the adult relationship is suspended during child raising. So little time, etc. Let's change that around, let's remind couples how valuable their love is. How valuable love is.