Saturday, May 15, 2010

To Do, and Not To Do

Right now, if you could really see into me, you'd probably see dozens of unfinished to-do lists. Yes, I do mean that the lists themselves are unfinished, and so are many of the projects! Some get done though. Lots, actually. I was asked to write a blog post for about weddings, and so I wrote "Private Time - Now and Forever."

I was asked to send a flyer about the talk we're giving in Berkeley, CA, and I got that done.

Today's accomplishments included setting up a new computer in my office during a break in the Intimacy Retreat we are leading. (It had been sitting in a box for several months.)

Completing projects turns me on. Taking small steps toward larger goals feels good. I am so fortunate that I love what my day is filled with (and my nights - I really love sleeping with my husband!) I also love doing nothing. At one time in my life I was most proud of how good I was at doing nothing! I'm ready for a little of that now. A quiet retreat with nothing to do, no projects, no accomplishments - that sounds good to me right now.

That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by.

In gratitude,