Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bookstore Controversy

Too Hot for Sarasota? Well, they didn't actually ban my book, just weren't comfortable promoting us for a book signing. Why? It's all in the title. Read more here...

The joy of love is founded and grounded in the delight of sexual arousal - that "in-love" feeling that so many couples feel is missing from their relationship. Along comes a book that can help couples regain that lovin' feeling, re-ignite their passionate connection, and.. what, it's "too hot" a topic?


  1. Diane,

    Keep up the push to get the word out, because I truly believe that your teachings can benefit couples all over the world!!

    Relationships start failing when the passion dies off. What you are teaching will help deepen the spiritual connection that someone has with their partner. Thus leading to a life full of happiness and love!!!

    Keep up the great work!!! I look forward to attending one of your retreats during the next year!!


  2. Thanks, Wade! Happiness and love, passion and spiritual connection, these are the ingredients and the gifts of a meaningful relationship.

    Intimacy becomes easier to make time for when we understand the benefits.

    Hope to see you and your S.O. at one of our upcoming Intimacy Retreats!